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What started as a grade school project has grown into a study of several interesting family branches. From Scotland & England to Canada, the US & other parts of the globe, we've watched the families grow and have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people, without whom this would not be possible. Our sincere appreciation goes to everyone who has contributed.

On one side, a family that traces it's roots to a city official in Norwich England, living in the late 1600's who has left an educational legacy for those who are blood descendants in the modern world.

On the other side are families from Scotland who ventured out to make better lives for themselves. One settled on Canada's Eastern Coast, a tiny red island where the nation was born.

Another branch is entwined with the history of the Ottawa Valley as they made their home on both the Ontario & Quebec sides of the Ottawa River when the area was enjoying a booming Lumber industry.

Effort is being made to verify the information found here with records & documents. Keep in mind that if there is no source quoted - the information is more than likely the result of a personal interview, or a sweet memory that may not always be accurate.

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So grab a coffee and get ready for a good read, we hope you enjoy our "Roots of Eoghann".

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